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Our History

Our company, Alithicon Lubricants, was established in 1967 by “Diamond” Jack Smith. Diamond Jack was interested in providing a superior line of lubricants for commercial and consumer markets. After evaluating and identifying the flaws in the industry manufacturing methods he reorganized and improved on the standard manufacturing processes. Diamond Jack worked out the processes then so that we can provide you with a superior product today.

Through our own patented manufacturing process and use of proprietary ingredients we bring a superior lubricant to market that bonds completely and resists separation over time. This means longer machinery life, less lubrication maintenance, and, ultimately, less cost because our lubricants are proven to last five times longer than the leading competitor.

Alithcon Lubricants is a locally owned and operated, family run company interested in providing superior lubricants with superior service. Our lubricants are available all over the United States call us today so we can help you save money.

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